touch screen car stereoThe Kenwood touch screen car stereo has been a choice of very many people owing to the expanded functionality it provides. The level of functionality is from the numerous and marvelous features which have been built into the Kenwood car stereos. Kenwood has been for a long time been a brand which is well received and known.

With the touch screen technology having become very popular especially with audio devices, the car stereo soon joined the bandwagon. Kenwood has been a leading light in the production of touch screen care stereos. The universal acceptability and popularity of the technology in car stereos arise from the fact that it is easier and enjoyable to use the car stereo and above all contributes to safer driving.

Touch screen car stereos were once known to be prized expensively but this has changed drastically and the car stereos are now very affordable. Kenwood as a brand provides cheap touch screen car stereos and which provide high quality in features and qualities provided.

specifications of Kenwood Touch Screen Car Stereo

Across the products provided by the Kenwood brand and which are under the touch screen car stereos, the installed features stand out. Some of the prominent features are:

  • Built in HD radio offers a whole different experience with high quality sound for both the FM and AM and more so many advanced features e.g. song titles, song images and album art.
  • The Garmin GPS Navigation System with preloaded NAVTEQ® map data of the United States and Canada has some the best features to choose from. The split-screen AV control, My Trend technology and Lane assist technology which all expand functionality and contribute to seamless driving saving on time.
  • Navteq Traffic provides real-time traffic data for numerous cities in America and will offer navigation to preferred destination.
  • Have 4 built in amplifiers to provide 22W RMS.
  • Built-In Bluetooth hands-free encourages safe driving since telephone conversations will not overly distract you. The Bluetooth technology allows for A2DP music streaming to your devices.
  • USB Connectivity for external hard drives, iPhone and iPod even provides a user friendly interface.
  • Pandora Connectivity for the whole range of smartphones allows for personalized listening experience.
  • Variable color illumination allows for matching illumination to that of dashboard lights or individual preference.
  • Rear View Camera Input together with the optional Kenwood CMOS reverse camera improves safety when reversing the vehicle.
  • Firmware updates feature makes sure the operating system is up to date as well as other software from Kenwood supported sites.
  • Triple 2.0V pre-outs with crossover system to give external power amplifiers a 2.0V audio signal and to maximize on sonic performance.

Customer reviews of the Kenwood touch screen car stereo

The Kenwood touch screen car stereo has been a sensation. The versatility that the technology built into these car stereos offers to car owners leaves them in awe. Users have liked what it has to offer with the Garmin navigation system especially for the commuter to and from work within the city and with any other travels in the vehicle. This Kenwood car stereo has a reasonable pricing further complemented by the many good features. They rank among the cheap touch screen car stereo category and this endears them to car owners. Raving customer reviews as well as all the fantastic features make the Kenwood touch screen car stereo a recommended choice.