Scrap Car PricesThousands of car owners dispose of their old cars that are beyond repair and send them to scrap yards without even knowing scrap car prices. The scrap yard owner makes a substantial amount of profit by buying scrap vehicles because they tend to pay the car owner a marginal amount of money and sells the spare parts to mechanics and garages.

Before taking your car to the scrap yard, you must drain all the fluids, such as coolant, gas and oils etc. If you think you don’t have time for all this or are not comfortable with doing this, there is always this option to have someone professional do so. Almost all the junkyards these days have sophisticated computerized systems that help separating motors, carburetors, motors and other parts of vehicles. Scrap car prices could be more than what you think because in most of the cases up to 95 percent of a car could be recycled. More money for the junkyard means higher scrap car prices.

Scrap Car Prices per Ton

According to a forecast provided by, scrap car prices are largely influenced by the USA scrap export market as the USA is what dominates international scrap export trade. Below is the illustration of global ferrous scrap price:

Scrap Car Prices

Current Scrap Car Prices

As you might already know that scrap car prices are subject to change. However, a scrap yard would agree to pay you as much as $300 for depending on the mileage, year and model of the car. Car owners who know what current scrap car prices will win in getting the maximum amount of money. You should also make a note if the car you are going to scrap and sell is a special edition, which could get you more money you have every thought of. Make sure you separate any valuable part of the vehicle, including vinyl, seats and wheels etc. Often times, car owners can make more money from selling the parts separately to mechanics or on eBay than the whole car scrapped.

Selling the Easy Way

Make use of your local yellow pages and see if there are any junk operations in the vicinity. Salvage yards and scrap yards are also discoverable through the Internet. To know scrap car prices in your area, compile a list of companies and call each of them. Remember, you will get less cash if you would like the company to remove the car themselves because of the towing expense they would incur. So, in some cases it is suggested that you tow the vehicle yourself. If possible, contact the national junk vehicle removal service.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you must have an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction. Keep in mind that you could have to pay fines if you do not have this document. In the worst cases, you would be held responsible if the car ends up in any illegal use in the future. If everything goes smoothly, you are sure to get good scrap car prices.