octopus car washBenefits of Choosing a professional Car Wash

Octopus Car Wash will keep your can looking new and running longer. The car washing usually considered one of the easiest parts of maintaining a car. There are a lot of aspects of car washing process which are thought of as high importance but generally get overlooked at the time of washing.

Benefit of going to a professional car wash is that it provides the best opportunity for a truly professional cleaning. That’s because professionals possess the proper supplies, equipment and skill level to ensure that there is a high quality outcome. Of course, some people buy their own products, but 8 times out of 10, they won’t know how to wash a car properly and wont have the top quality products most professionals have.

Octopus Car Wash re-uses the water after filtering out all the dirt and contaminants. This helps save on water, especially during droughts. They also clean under your car, which gets off the salt from the roads if you live near places that it snows, or just mud and dirt.

Octopus Car Wash Albuquerque, NM 

Finding a professional car wash can be difficult for your expensive or loved vehicle.  If you are living in Albuquerque Area, you can find a car wash service provider called Octopus Car Wash, which is really good in all aspects.

At Octopus Car Wash you’ll find the best value for your money out of any car washing facility in Albuquerque. Their staff is professional to serve you with full service auto detailing, auto polishing, interior cleaning, exterior cleaning and detailing under the hood and trunk of your automobile.

Your car will have that showroom shine it deserves while you enjoy all the benefits of their money saving car wash specials. Their soft-cloth wash pampers your car with gentle washing action that will not harm the paint of your car, suv, van or truck.

They can pick up your car while you are at work. You can make an appointment on their site or on phone. You can sit back in the seat while you ride through their modern car wash bay. Ending with a toweled hand dry car, and a smile. Finishing with a sparkling clean car that shows you care about your car’s appearance!


Their regular full service car wash is $8.99. They wash the outside of your vehicle, wipe down the dash and console, vacuum the carpets, clean windows inside and out and finish with a full manual wipe down of the exterior.

The most Extreme package will cost 17.99 and completely covers all of the exterior, from the under carriage to a clear coat sealant.

Octopus Car Wash is a very professional ran and operated, and is highly recomended.